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4 Steps involved in Going Solar for Businesses

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There is a wide and substantial difference in understanding how solar energy generation works and the way it is installed in domestic and commercial facilities. Due to growing environmental concerns, organizations are now under intense pressure to reduce their emission levels and carbon footprint. 
One of the most effective ways of going green is to employ renewable sources of energy. Most businesses today have either gone solar or are planning for the transition. Solar power not only provides clean energy but also helps in reducing energy overhead costs. Installing PV panels for commercial purposes require careful planning. Mentioned below is a four-step guide to establishing solar power in businesses. The points mentioned here basically govern the activities and preparation that need to be made before anyone attempts to make any installations.

  1. Hiring a professional solar company- Instead of investing in forming your own solar team, it is much more cost-effective and efficient to hire professional solar companies. Such companies have a team of dedicated experts who can cater to all the queries and needs related to solar power that your organization has. While hiring any solar company, it is advised to go through their track record and their range of services to find the best fit possible.

  2. Supporting the inspection executive- After the services are hired, most solar companies usually send a representative that inspects the company’s facilities and energy demands. Accurate details on load ranges and peak hours must be given to the inspection executive so that they can formulate a solution custom to your needs. The representative also takes into account locational and geographical features, such as constructions and equipment on the facility floor which might hinder the solar project or if the location receives enough sunlight for viable use. Also, it is their job to educate the company about the best power plans and services that are available such as Net Metering.

  3. The design period- During this phase, engineers and designers of the solar company draw up blueprints and schematics of your facility for panel installation. They plan for the number of panels required, their exact geographic location, the routing of all the wires and cables and establishing power storage houses. They also inform the company about any facility or equipment changes that are required for the project. Design teams of solar companies are always in constant discussion with the company going solar to ensure the best facility design and error-free solar panel installation.

  4. The role of project managers- Deploying solar power, requires coordination between multiple departments. Update and data need to be collected from multiple stakeholders. Hence, project managers need to step in and act a the single-point-of-contact for the executives from the Solar company. The project manager should be knowledgeable about the entire project and must clear and concerns that the solar executives have. Also, the project managers need to oversee the implementation phase in order to endure both quality and adherence to timeline.


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