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Advantages Of Using Solar Powered Gadgets


With the growing popularity of the internet and electronic device such as smartphones and tablets, the modern consumer is always active on the internet. This means that each individual is using multiple electronic devices to browse through the internet. This accounts for significant energy consumption. Added to this, most modern devices work on batteries which need to be recharged from time to time.

Today with the availability of small and flexible solar modules, solar cells have been incorporated into a number of electronic devices for powering up. One of the most common examples is those of calculators and wristwatches. Today, we also have solar powered chargers for various other electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and small laptops. These are not only eco-friendly but also have other advantages.


Benefits And Use Of Solar Powered Gadgets

Computers and smartphones consume around 15% of the energy available in domestic facilities. This results in around 2,200 pounds of CO2 emission per household in one year. This is by no means a small figure and is a serious contributor to global warming and other environmental problems. With the growing concern over adverse effects on the environment, electronic companies are now looking for greener forms of technology.

One of the biggest advantages of using solar powered chargers is that they are incredibly portable and sturdy. Solar power is obviously used only outdoors and as such the chargers of electronic devices are designed to work in a variety of harsh environments and are typically waterproof. This combined with their ease of carriage makes them ideal for traveling.


There are solar available that stick to the windows of and facility and harvests energy from the sunlight. This makes them an eco-friendly source of power inside homes and in public places such as restaurants. With solar there is no fuss about looking for a port, all you need is some space to set up your charger and the availability of abundant sunlight.

Solar lanterns and peel-on / peel-off solar lights are popular in the market today and provide an eco-friendly way of taking care of any illumination needs. Solar powered lights are portable and can be used on the go. Today there are solar powered Bluetooth speakers and wireless keyboards available that do not sacrifice on the quality and operation.

Solar batteries can maintain power supplies to houses and facilities for short durations of time during blackouts. Also, on days when the sun exposure is limited, users can survive on stored energy from previous days to power their homes. Solar batteries and power-banks have the added advantage of providing its users a mobile source of power. This is especially useful for extended outdoor trips, camping expeditions, and outdoor events.

With such products being powered by solar technologies, almost all sources of carbon footprint related to charging and use of electronic devices can be eliminated. With the development of cheap and energy efficient PV panels, more and more areas are identified where solar power can be utilized in place of traditional energy sources.

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