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Buying Portable Solar Chargers


With the growing ease of access to the internet, people today are more active online than they are in the physical world. Portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops have exploded into the lives of typical consumers allowing them to access the internet from any location.

This is also true when the consumers of today travel. Be it a holiday with their families or an adventure camp, internet connectivity is taken for granted. One of the major concerns these travelers face is keeping their devices charged. While restaurants and hotels provide easy access to power sockets, options for charging during travel are limited. Today we have a wide range of portable solar chargers available in the market, that are not only eco-friendly but provide fast and efficient charging.


Things to consider before buying a portable solar charger

Before buying a portable solar charger, you should assess your requirements and nature of travel. There are various chargers available in a wide power range. There are also additional features such as waterproofing and instant charging. Mentioned below are some main factors that you should consider before making a purchase.

  • Energy conversion factor- This basically represents the percentage of sunlight that will be converted to useful electrical energy. It directly affects the time it takes for a solar charger to completely charge a device. Chargers with multiple energy ratings are available with energy conversion factors reaching as high 24%. Solar chargers with energy ratings in the range of 20%-25% almost instantly charge devices.
  • Software for regulation- A lot of solar chargers today come equipped with software that regulates the voltage. Through continuous regulation, your device receives maximum charging when it needs it the most.

  • No-tear hooks and locks- Since solar chargers are meant for use during traveling outside, they should not only be easily portable but must also have provisions for easy carrying such as no-tear hooks and sling ropes to be attached from backpacks or trees. Additionally, the solar panel of the charger should be detachable from the port so that it can be placed effectively for maximum solar coverage.

  • Durability and waterproofing- Finally, a solar charger must be incredibly durable. Its delicate panels must be encased in hard cover that must offer protection from fall damage. Added to this, it is necessary for outdoor chargers to be waterproof as camping areas and treks are often conducted beside rivers.

Travelers and tourists who visit exotic natural destinations and undertake camping and hiking trails are not only adventure-lovers but ardent lovers of nature in general. They are incredibly environmentally conscious and strive to reduce carbon footprint in every activity. Using portable solar chargers is one of the most effective ways of traveling in an environmentally friendly fashion as it reduces dependency on traditional sources of energy. Other forms of portable chargers such as lithium battery packs need to be pre-charged which again needs a power socket. With a solar charger, the only thing stopping an electronic device from turning back on is the availability of sunlight.

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