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How much solar power does a commercial space in NYC need?


So you're in the market for solar energy? Congrats! There are many excellent reasons to switch over to renewable energy;  the benefits are substantial and the negative aspects are minimal. Now you just have to figure out exactly how much you need for your business. You certainly don’t want to utilize more or less energy than you truly need. Now is the best time to be thinking about how to structure your future energy needs. This article will help you determine your solar energy needs. We, here at Phoenix Energy, can help your business get set up as soon as possible to start reaping into the benefits of using solar energy for your business. 


  1. What is Solar Power?


Solar power is energy that is generated from the sun’s light and heat. Solar power is one of the earth’s most abundant energy sources. No fossil fuels are used to generate solar energy and they do not emit any harmful greenhouse gases to the environment. This prevents any negative repercussions of contributing to the global warming crisis.   


Commercial Solar power is any system that is connected to a commercial meter with a utility company. They are ultimately connected to solar panels that generate power from the sun. Solar energy can be utilized for both commercial and residential needs. 


  1. How does solar energy work?


There are two different types of technology used for solar energy generation systems. They both have different advantages. The first type is Solar Thermal. Solar Thermal Energy is energy generated by using thermal systems to directly heat water and air. Solar Thermal energy involves systems that take heat from the sun to produce steam. The steam is then used to turn turbines in a power plant and this in turn is converted into energy by a generator. The advantage of a Solar Thermal system is that it tends to take less physical space than a photovoltaic (PV) system. 

The second type of energy is photovoltaic energy (abbreviated as PV). PV energy takes the sun’s rays to directly use as energy immediately. This energy is created from solar panels. 

Solar energy works by installing solar panels to your business. The cost of solar panels has decreased substantially over the last ten years. The economies of scale contributing to growth in solar energy use is getting greater and greater over the course of time. 

The negative aspect of PV energy is that it tends to cost more than a Solar Thermal system. The advantages of this system is they are able to generate electricity immediately. In addition, they produce energy in a quiet matter and PV systems tend to last for many years to continue to pay for itself after many years of use.

Solutions focused on renewable energy and reducing your impact to the planet can help you achieve a higher ROI and improve your brand messaging. Saving the planet starts with small businesses making big steps.

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