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How to Start Your Own Solar Company


The solar energy sector is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. With countries like China and India taking the lead, the solar industry is increasingly becoming a lucrative place for startups. Subsidies are provided by governments today which are not only fueling solar companies to grow and expand to international markets. Because of such green initiatives, the solar sector has become profitable. Today we find many growing and enterprising startups in the solar industry. There are numerous benefits of establishing solar power plants today, some of the notable varieties of solar power plants are-

How to Start Your Own Solar Company
  • Grid-connected solar plants
  • Hybrid solar power plants
  • Off-grid or island plants

On-grid solar power plants have not only benefited the consumers in terms of lower power bills and earnings through net metering, but have also benefited the commercial sector. Added to this are the benefits provided by the government in the forms of tax credits and subsidies. Off-grid solar systems become extremely profitable in rural areas where being disconnected from the grin offers reliability and connectivity. Even when the main grid goes down, these off-grid or island systems remain operational during such critical times. Hybrid solar power plants are especially useful in cities with medium to low load requirements. Hybrid power plants also help authorities of cities negotiate for power cuts. Mentioned below are some of the steps that one can follow to establish their own solar power plant or solar project.

  1. Being thorough with your technicalities- Having a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of solar panels and its accessory-technologies are a prerequisite for anyone wishing to establish themselves in this industry. It not only ensures optimization of available resources but also ensures the best practices in the industry. Having a good technical background is also essential in reducing the turn-around time. If you are a professional in the solar industry, then you would want minimum installation time and ensure maximum power generation. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the technicalities of solar power generation.

  2. Designing the solar power plant- While designing the power plant, one needs to consider the load requirements of the locality, the geographical features and the regulations of the land. Proper computerized mapping of the region needs to be conducted to develop the most optimized power plant. Proper schematics of cable routings and equipment need to be prepared, taking into consideration the budgetary considerations.

  3. Proper marketing- Solar power has inherent benefits such as providing clean energy, increase energy independence, alternate sources of income and along with a competitive stock market. Any enterprising startup must advertise the said benefits aggressively in order to ensure maximum customers. The key is to make customers realize that they are making the smarter decision by switching to renewable sources of energy.

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