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Renewable Energy Facts 2020


Renewable energy is ever-changing and hard to keep track of. New York is one of the leaders in green energy in America, and has plenty to brag about. Here are a few facts:

  • New York generated 23.4% of its energy from hydroelectric sources
  • New York  generated 5.6% of its energy from renewables
  • New York has the goal to make 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040 and a net-zero carbon economy by 2050.

How does this compare to other states? Every state in America has something called a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). RPS’ are state-level goals to reach a certain amount of energy from renewable energy sources. Some states have committed to getting 100% of their energy from green sources, while some don’t have any.

In addition to New York, the following states are aiming for 100% green energy:

  • Washington by 2045
  • Virginia  by 2045
  • New Mexico by  2045
  • California by 2045
  • Maine by  2050

Which states don’t care? The two lowest in the US are Ohio, with a 8.5% renewable goal and Wisconsin, which is at 10%.

There are many sources of renewable energy. In the US, as of the end of 2019, the portfolio is made up of the below:

  • 40.4% from Wind
  • 25.2% from Hydro
  • 14.1% from Solar
  • 8.2% from Biomass
  • 2.2% from Geothermal

For many years, hydro was the largest renewable source in America, but it was overtaken by Wind in 2019. Solar has also been growing at a healthy clip, over 50% from 2017-2020.

Many countries are ahead in the growth of their renewable energy sourcing and production, and we’re seeing these leading nations as models for other countries as they continue to amp up their production.

Top 5 Countries for Wind Energy:

  • China
  • US
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • India

Top 5 Countries with Geothermal Energy

  • US
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand

Top 5 countries with Hydropower:

  • Norway
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Vietnam
  • Sweden

As the demand for renewable energy grows, we're seeing an even greater push from local governances to lead the world in transitioning to clean energy sources. 

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