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Securing Renewable Energy in NYC


New York City is currently 14th in the nation for renewable energy use. While this puts New York in the upper portion of the country as far as renewable energy, it also leaves a lot of room for improvement.


As a business in NYC, you’re in a unique position to go green and help boost the state, and city’s overall renewable energy footprint. But, with so much of NYC being covered in towering skyscrapers, you might be wondering if there are even any options for renewable energy in NYC.

Read on to learn about your options for renewable energy in NYC, and  how you can go about finding the right option for your business.

Renewable energy NYC

Is renewable energy available in NYC?

When you think renewable energy, you likely envision fields of wind turbines and roofs covered with solar panels. Anyone familiar with NYC knows the city is filled to the brim with buildings. But, surprisingly, there are still numerous options for renewable energy in NYC.


In fact, there are roughly 80 renewable energy companies in NYC and the surrounding area. You might be wondering where all these companies are hiding their windmills and solar panels amidst the many buildings in NYC. Well, they’re not.

How do companies sell renewable energy in NYC?

Many of these companies don’t have their own wind farms or solar fields, but act as a third-party or broker for the energy. More specifically, they partner with existing wind and solar farms, or even hydroelectric power plants, to sell the renewable energy credits (REC) generated by these facilities.

Renewable energy credits are essentially units of green energy produced and sold by renewable energy facilities. These facilities then sell their energy RECs, which can be purchased by businesses or individuals. Once purchased, these RECs help the purchasing company offset their energy use without having to install any kind of solar panels or wind turbines.

How to find renewable energy in NYC

If you’re ready to make the switch to green, renewable energy in NYC, you’re in luck. There are numerous companies ready to help you fill your renewable energy needs. But, it’s not as simple as switching cellphone providers.

Step 1: Assess your needs

Before shopping around for a renewable energy partner, you need to assess your business’ energy needs. Look over your energy statements for the previous year. Keep in mind that your energy use will fluctuate during certain periods.

For example, electricity usage typically climbs in the summer when it’s hot, while gas will go up in the cooler months.

Average out your energy usage for the year to kilowatt hours per month. This will give you a baseline for step two.

Tip: It’s a good idea to think about the energy impact of any new equipment before purchasing it. Be sure to use an energy calculator to get an idea of how much you could be paying for any equipment or machines each month.

Step 2: Create a budget

Renewable energy has gotten much cheaper over the years, but it can still be more expensive than nonrenewable energy in some cases. To prepare for this, create a budget that you absolutely can’t go beyond. This will help you set limits and not agree to an energy offer you can’t afford.

To help your budget go farther, you can also take steps to reduce your energy usage each month. Many of these steps are small and won’t impact your life in any major way. For example, you can reduce your energy usage by simply switching to more efficient lightbulbs.

Step 3: Choose a provider

With your needs outlined and budget created, you’re ready to begin shopping for a renewable energy provider. As previously mentioned, there are a number of provides in NYC and the surrounding area, which can make it difficult to simply choose one.

You can start your search on Google, but make sure to look for businesses with great reviews. Be sure to read the comments as well, to ensure they’re valid and to look for any consistent complaints.

You can also ask within your professional network and surrounding area to see if you know any other business owners using renewable energy. This is a great way to get firsthand feedback from someone you trust.

Lastly, you can take the guesswork out and simply contact us for a free consultation, in which we’ll cover your options, potential costs, and how you can switch to a renewable future.

New York City’s renewable energy future

Despite the staggering number of renewable energy companies in and around NYC, less than 25% of New York City’s energy comes from renewable sources. With a little prep work, you can responsibly plan out a greener future for your company, helping drive that NYC total up.

Going green used to require major lifestyle changes, but with today’s advances it’s nearly seamless, and easier than ever before. Don’t want for tomorrow — build a more renewable future by switching to renewable energy today.

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