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Steps for Effective Solar Marketing


The solar industry is becoming a lucrative sector for startups and venturing businesses. The solar economy has shown strong growth since 2014 and the world’s solar demands are expected to rise. In 2017 the global solar market grew by 26% with over 99 GW worth of solar panels implemented. According to a recent study conducted by GTM, 2018 promises to be the triple-digit year for solar power with an expected PV panel installation of 106 GW.

This boom in the solar industry has come about mainly due to the fall in prices of solar panels and excessive supply from countries like China. The progress of the solar market invariably means a rise in competition. Companies and startups who are now venturing into solar must market their products aggressively in order to capture a customer base. Mentioned below are some effective marketing tips that enterprises can follow in order to succeed in the market.

Steps for Effective Solar Marketing

  • Understand the mindset of customers- With any product, understanding the mentality of the customer is the key to successful marketing. The marketing team must be able to predict the customer demands and expectations. In case of the solar market it can be easy of panel installation, continuous technical support or opportunities for solar communities. Such features must be properly advertised and communicated. Solar companies must identify how the customer connects with their solar module, what their various challenges and expectations are with the products and develop marketing content accordingly.

  • Educate the customer base- Solar power is on the rise and the technology is increasingly becoming viable. We have numerous examples of solar power communities and commercial facilities. The customers must be educated about this and the potential benefits of using solar power. Solar power is definitely better for the environment and as such the awareness must be spread.

  • Be specific with your Ad message- The customer base is already aware about general details of solar power. If you are a startup in the solar sector then you must narrow down the unique features of your products that the customer will find attractive. It can be higher energy efficiency, aesthetics, and ease of installation or affordability. The Ad content must highlight these specific details that make the company the right choice. One of the major concerns for domestic users of solar power is the initial investment. The company should include mentions payment plans or affordable solar modules in their marketing content.

  • Take content market to the next level- Companies today need to engage with customers on multiple platforms. This is also true for solar companies. Having a website with separate sections for sale, Ad, blogs and contact information are pre-requisites. Special attention must be given to the blog section as solar technology is a developing field and the customer base is still fresh. Hence, in order to get people hooked, providing them with latest news and information can be useful. Solar companies must also have a social media presence with attractive content that attracts viewers to the solar market.

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