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Tactics for Reducing Energy Consumption


With growing concerns about the environmental damage caused by fossil fuels, more and more consumers today are opting for renewable sources of energy. Be it businesses or domestic users, the popularity of solar and wind energy is on the rise. With the advent of cheap and energy efficient PV panels and wind turbines, the once steep initial investments are now manageable.

However, even with the adoption of renewable energy sources, the overall costs of utilities are on the rise. Incorporation of solar or wind energy requires significant changes in infrastructure which require capital and resources. It is the ultimately the consumer that bears the cost of such rising energy prices and investments on renewable energy.

Hence, today it has become incredibly important to adopt smart energy plans and reduce our electricity consumption. Companies, as well as individuals, need to assess their consumption patterns and actively look for ways to reduce energy. Mentioned below are some simple tactics that one can use to reduce energy consumption.


  • Use energy efficient equipment management techniques- Most modern appliances today are left on "standby" mode when not in use. It is a fairly common practice in offices to leave workstations running throughout the night. Even domestic appliances such as TVs, washing machines, coffee makers and microwaves among others are often found left switched on. There is continuous power consumption by being plugged in even when the devices are not in use. Hence, companies and domestic consumers must consciously reduce energy consumption by turning off equipment and appliances that are not in use. Added to this, the energy rating of the appliance matters. Using devices which score a higher number of stars on their energy rating will ensure a significant reduction in power consumption.

  • Illumination and air-conditioning- Air-conditioning systems are one of the major load sources in any commercial or domestic facility. Maintaining optimum working conditions require offices and industrial facilities to regulate the temperature and provide adequate illumination. Instead of using heating/cooling systems, companies can focus on greener methods such as using cross-ventilation, insulated rooftops and ceilings, sealed doors and windows and energy efficient LED lights. If air-conditioning is an absolute necessity, then modern ACs can be used which automatically turn themselves off when the room temperature reaches the required levels.

  • Manage transportation better- Electric cars have turned out to be the automobile of our times. They have not only become viable but are as powerful if not more as regular cars. Transportation is a common feature of industrial facilities and domestic life. Companies often employ the use of on-campus shuttles and bus services for their employees. Switching to electric vehicles adopting practices like car-pooling and public transport is a sure shot way of reducing energy consumption.

  • Employing ESCO services- Energy service companies provide other organizations with smart energy plans and technologies for reducing energy usage. Their professionals analyze the energy usage patterns of organizations and identify flaws in their practices. ESCOs then guide the company through the entire process of energy saving till it is reflected in company earnings.

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