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Choose the best energy supply option for your business in New York

What are your options for New York wind energy?


New York, especially New York City, isn’t known for its wind energy. Finding a clear spot for wind turbines in the city is a little more than difficult —  it’s generally impossible.


This isn’t to say there’s no wind energy in New York. In fact, wind power is growing in the great state of New York, with the state currently sitting at rank 15 for wind power capacity. But, with space in the city limited, where are all these wind farms going? And, are you as a business able to get in on this wind power action?

NYC Wind Energy

The wind power situation in New York

Unlike solar power, wind power requires a vast amount of space to be efficient. For example, let’s look at the number one in the country for wind power: Texas.


Texas has vast plots of land that are flat, uninhabited, and perfect for wind farms. As a result, Texas is able to house enormous wind farms with hundreds upon hundreds of turbines. The Roscoe Wind Farm, the second largest wind farm in the country, is a great example of this.


New York state has large rural areas, but many of these areas are close to towns, farms, or still not ideal for wind farms. As a result, New York state has only 29 wind projects in operation, versus Texas’ 157.


That being said, New York is now utilizing something they have a lot of: water space. In 2019, New York greenlit two offshore wind projects, which could generate a substantial amount of energy for the city. Offshore wind farms are incredibly new, but could continue to grow in popularity and available land grows scarcer and scarcer.


It’s unlikely you can secure your own offshore wind farm. So, are there any wind options available for businesses in New York city?

Are businesses able to secure wind energy in New York?

When it comes to taking advantage of wind power, there are quite a few options in New York, as well as New York City. But, if you’re hoping to build your own wind farm anytime soon, the odds are not in your favor.


That being said, there are numerous companies that offer green energy, including wind power, in New York. These companies function similarly to non-renewable energy companies in function, in that you’re able to contact them and request an energy plan. From there, a representative will tell you what options are available for a business of your size, and offer you prices. Once you’ve agreed on an energy plan, your power will now be delivered via wind power, or another source if you choose.


Your daily life won’t change, and your business will function as usual, but you’ll be saving the planet from the dangers of greenhouse gases and cutting down your company’s carbon footprint.


If you’re interested in learning more about switching to wind energy in New York City, go here to learn about how your business can save money and the environment by going green.

Going with the wind

Wind power is a reliable way to keep your business operating, while doing good for the planet. Whether you’re located in the heart of Manhattan, or in a quiet spot outside the city, you almost always have the option of going green with your business and securing wind energy in new York. It’ll save you money, save the planet, and let the world know you’re a business that truly cares. That’s something you can’t put a price on.

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