LED is Better for Business

When it comes to your business, lighting is a large part of your electricity bill. Did you know the
average business spends 40% of their monthly electricity costs on lighting? Depending on your
business and its unique lighting needs, converting to LED from incandescent or fluorescent
lighting could save up to 70% of those lighting costs.

Making Greener Choices
How is an LED bulb the cleaner, greener choice for lighting? Incandescent bulbs produce more
heat than they do light, have a short lifespan (typically under a year), and generate a higher
volume of waste. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) last longer than incandescent bulbs,
but only about half of the typical duration of an LED bulb. CFL also contain mercury and must
be disposed of properly, creating an additional waste problem. Any mercury reduction is
beneficial for the environment. If you want to delve deeper into how an LED bulb works, you can
read more here.

 LED: Key Facts

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  • LED is the most efficient type of lightbulb, and the longest lasting
  • LED uses up to 90% less energy than a traditional incandescent light bulb, and lasts 20 times as long

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  • LED is twice as energy efficient as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL), and last three to five times longer than CFL 
  • CFL contain mercury and present a waste hazard
  • 40% of the average business electric bill is lighting costs


  • Converting to LED conservatively saves the average business 30% on their lighting costs, with some businesses realizing up to 70% reduction
  • Investing in an upgrade to LED yields immediate and long term benefits

The Next Step
Upgrading to LED is easy, and our Green Energy Gurus are ready to help. In your free consultation, we’ll guide you through available options to reduce your business’s energy consumption, help you understand the financial benefits, and even match you with any available incentive or rebate programs. Curious about how your business can save on energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint?

 LED Lighting Process


Set up a call with a Green Energy Guru to learn more about your business and needs.
Site Audit

Our lighting consultant will come by to do a thorough walk through and review all of your current lighting

Get a proposal that details all of the costs, incentives, and payback period.

After your installation is complete, we review your energy usage with you to show you the results.
Make the Smart Choice for Your Business
LED lighting is the most advanced and cleanest lighting choice on the market. LED means less
potentially hazardous waste in the world, less replacement product and maintenance costs, and
less ongoing energy costs. It’s simple to see why business are upgrading to LED lighting at a
rapid rate. Your business may be going green, or just looking to save on lighting costs. Either
way, let us help you make an informed decision.
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Take Action
Reduce your footprint, reduce your spend. If you’d like to learn more, or are ready to upgrade to LED, schedule a free consultation with a Green Energy Guru. We’ll dig deeper into how your business can reduce energy consumption and what that means financially. We can even matchyou with existing incentive and rebate programs.