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When your business is ready for a greener future, Phoenix Energy is an experienced partner to streamline the process. We use 100% renewable energy and help your business use less energy overall. From easy-to-use energy management tools, to in-room HVAC control solutions, we help you implement of a range of sustainable solutions. We like to say that we’ll help you consider the stuff you never knew existed.  It starts with a consultation.
Who We Help

What types of large businesses can we help? High-rise residential, commercial buildings, hotels, assisted living facilities, public and government buildings, restaurant chains, and more. We’d love to help your business.


How We Help

We offer smart products to businesses looking for change. Reducing consumption is a core part of our cost saving strategy. Small changes implemented on a large scale can generate big benefits. Smart thermostats and occupancy sensors prevent empty spaces from wasting energy. Lighting retrofits are a simple way to see lower utility costs. Our Green Gurus explain the costs and benefits, streamline implementation, and help your business see the ROI after installation.

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We offer smart solutions to business looking to save. Because energy costs are a primary expense for many businesses, having a strategy in place is part of successful planning. The smart management of an energy plan makes a huge impact on your business. There are more options than ever in energy markets. Our Green Gurus create an energy plan that makes the most sense for your company, from a financial and an environmental standpoint. Can we help simplify a complicated decision making process?

Leaner Greener Partnerships
For large businesses, our process is unique for your business. Our Green Gurus will start by assessing your needs and goals. We make recommendations and strategize as partners, and work towards an implementation based on your priorities. It takes know-how, and an integrative approach. When needed, we conduct energy audits and on-site visits.  We can even help you with the materials you need to convince stakeholders. Strategic energy solutions are good for your business and good for the planet. Let’s work together to create enterprise-level sustainability that helps your business grow leaner and greener.