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7 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Renewable Energy Benefits


Businesses are always in search of new ways and solutions for saving money and becoming more sustainable. Renewable energy is the next step you should take for not only helping your bottom line but also for increasing your sales and attracting more customers.You probably have a couple of competitors in the market who are already making use of green energy. That’s a chance for you to learn about the benefits of renewable energy on their experience. It’s probably one of these rare cases when your competitors will help you make the decision to implement a great business and marketing strategy. And believe it or not, going green is actually a highly beneficial business strategy.

Besides, switching to renewable energy is important for the planet because it’s facing many dangerous threats. Such issues as global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, and chemical waste have become a huge problem for mankind, nature and wildlife. This means that the more the number of companies using renewables, the higher the possibility of global warming retreating.

As already mentioned, there are a number of benefits to switching to green energy and if your company is still operating on conventional sources of energy, it’s high time to change that. Instead of watching your competitors enjoy a budget and reputation growth, learn about the benefits of renewable energy yourself and get going.

To help you understand the importance of renewable energy for the modern world and the coming generations, and for the development of your business, we have made a list of its benefits and advantages. Here is how green energy will help you:


Lower Energy Bills

It’s no news that the use of traditional energy sources (gas, oil, etc.) brings about large energy bills on a monthly basis. Considering that these resources are finite and are soon going to be hard to find, you can expect much higher bills every month. This will result in you spending thousands of dollars on your monthly energy bills as opposed to your competitors using renewable energy sources.

However, switching to a green energy source and having paid the initial setup costs (which also can be reduced with the help of government incentives), your monthly energy bills will start reducing consistently. Renewable energy always pays back essentially adding to your business’ bottom line.

It should be mentioned that the initial costs can also be highly reduced if you make the correct choices regarding certain specifications of the energy source you have selected. E.g., in case of solar energy, it’s good to make smart and well-calculated decisions about the storage, the amount and quality of batteries, etc.

Besides, the costs of renewable energy technology are decreasing steadily: the average price to install solar panels fell for over 70% from 2010 to 2017, the cost of wind energy setup dropped 66% from 2009 to 2016. This is just the recent statistics, the prices keep falling and the technology will be much cheaper as the demand grows.

Higher Brand Awareness and More Loyal Customers

People will appreciate your efforts of making the planet and cleaner and greener place. Seeing that you care about the environment, customers will choose your products and services over those of the competitors. This will boost your brand awareness and gain you a stable base of loyal customers.

Going green will be a unique way of telling your community that you care and that all your business strategies are based on high values.

No More Service Disruptions

NYC Renewable Energy BenefitsIn the modern world where businesses simply can’t do without technology, it’s hard to imagine a working day or even an hour without electricity and energy. Service disruptions, though rare, but happen and no business owner can predict their timing. Even a single outage can have a negative effect on your business: you might miss a call with an important partner or a customer (this can become a reason for them to leave you), fail to answer an urgent message or email or simply, lose money because in business each hour of work matters.

A power outage can be a real threat if your business is located in a place where bad weather is a common phenomenon. However, this problem can be solved with the help of renewable energy sources. Though they also depend on the weather, green energy sources are still more stable and more easily distributed than conventional fossil fuels.

Take the wind energy as an example: if one windmill is turned off, the others will still function and provide electricity. The probability that you will face service disruptions with green energy sources is extremely low.

Haven’t you noticed that your competitors who have gone green, still keep working when there are power outages while you have to wait till the electricity is back? Follow suit and keep your business going with renewable energy sources.

High ROI

Your business will receive a high return on an investment after a certain amount of time has passed since the installation of a renewable energy source. As noted before, the costs of the setup of renewables are consistently falling which means that even your initial investment is not going to be too large.

Depending on the size of your business, you will be able to save thousands of dollars on an annual basis. Besides, as renewable energy technology requires very little maintenance, this will also add up to your budget - no more maintenance fees or repair costs.

More Commitment from Your Employees

Employees will be more loyal to your business and will stick around much longer when they see that you care about creating a healthy environment for them.

A good employee will even choose to work for your company over another only because you offer a healthy and clean environment (even if another company offers a better salary). In the end, a healthy and caring environment matters more than anything else, especially if the person is going to spend most of his time at your office.

Positive Impact on Climate Change

Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases keep polluting the atmosphere and contributing to global warming in large numbers. In the US the electricity sector is responsible for about 29% of global warming emissions. Fossil fuels such as coal and gas are what these emissions mostly comprise of.

This huge amount of emissions can be highly reduced with the help of renewable energy sources. Global warming emissions generated by green energy sources are close to none. Even the emissions produced during the manufacturing, installation, operation or decommissioning of the renewables are extremely minimal.

Thus, if you have your business switch to a renewable energy source, you will not only decrease the number of greenhouse gas emissions but will also improve the public health, contribute to the air and water getting cleaner and simply turn the earth into a greener and a better place for living.

Promote Your Business with Phoenix

When you decide to go green, you are most probably going to outsource your renewable energy needs and demands to the professionals, to a company that will provide you with all the needed services.

Phoenix Energy Group will cover all your green energy needs by giving you a choice of 100% wind or solar electricity. Our team of professionals will reduce your energy costs by letting you manage the energy supply rates and finding solutions for becoming more energy efficient.

And last but not least, another great aspect of going green with Phoenix would be the promotion of your business. We will make social media posts about your business, will sign you up with EPA and put up a window decal.

Can there be a better strategy for your business to bloom, save money and for you to make the planet a better place than going green? The above-mentioned benefits of renewable energy sources make the answer to this question more than clear!


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