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Advantages Of Employing Energy Management Systems


While most companies today are striving to attain environmentally friendly processes and reduce their carbon-footprints, not all companies and business leaders might be moved by this argument. While switching to renewable energy sources or employing energy management systems has obvious environmental advantages, companies who wish to optimize their operations and reduce overhead costs should also take a look at such technologies.architecture-16911_1280

A consistent and high-quality source of power is a prerequisite for the smooth operations of any kind of factory. Industries from multiple sectors use energy management systems to attain a reliable and continuous source of energy.

An Overview of Energy Management Systems

EMS or energy management systems are computer-aided technologies that are used by grid operators to gather real-time data about grid status, control operations, various processes and enhance the performance of power plants and power transmission systems. It consists of multiple digital systems such as SCADA and ADMS to manage the energy generation and transmission of power.

Energy management systems are often used by corporations and privately owned groups to manage their energy supply. They used advanced sensors and monitoring features to gauge the load requirements and the corresponding energy generation. Subsequently, energy systems supervisors plan for an optimized load consumption and reduce their overhead consumption and charges.

Advantages of Energy Management Systems

Businesses and factories that employ energy management solutions usually end up achieving far greater savings than those running their operations without such systems. EMS analyzes all the operations of the company and optimizes them for energy savings. The savings that are generated through the use of energy management systems directly impacts the bottom line. Some of the major advantages of energy management systems are mentioned below.

  • Improved brand image- Utilizing energy management systems will result in reduced power consumption and therefore more environmentally friendly processes. Business clients, customers and suppliers do recognize the optimization in processes as it reflects quality in planning and management.
  • Better productivity and competitive edge- Reducing the energy consumption through process optimization and efficient load planning not only improves the productivity of industrial processes in general but also allows companies to catch-up to their competition through continuous improvement of processes.
  • Cost-reduction- Energy management systems can guarantee a reduction in energy costs by at least 20%. Even with minimal investments and no front-up costs, system supervisors can save around 10% of their overall energy costs. Through a planned and systematic implementation of energy management systems, supervisors can cut cost up to a one-third of their original overhead charges.
Enhance the morale and wellbeing of employees- When companies make the effort to improve their processes and pay attention to each and every parameter that can be optimized, it has an incredibly positive effect on the work culture of the company. Employees feel inspired to work better in a more efficient environment. By improving the productivity of processes companies also ensure an improvement in the working capabilities of their employees.

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