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Phoenix Energy
Why Choose Phoenix as Your Small Business Energy Supplier?

The energy market is now full of retail electricity suppliers. In order to..

Phoenix Energy
Why Go Solar? Essential Reasons Your Business Should Switch to Solar Power

As businesses and startups grow and evolve, they try to find various..

Phoenix Energy
Renewable Energy for Your Business (Benefits, Costs, Funding Options)

In this era of high competition and fast changes achieving business growth..

Phoenix Energy
A Quick Guide for NYC Building Owners to Avoid DOB Violations

Codes and legislations regarding buildings and construction, in general, are..

Phoenix Energy
How Tech Giants Support Renewable Energy

The consumption of electricity is huge and it’s only growing per day. It..

Phoenix Energy
Local Law 133: How Will NYC’s LL133 Impact Your Bottom Line?

Starting from 2016 the NYC Benchmarking Law was expanded by the new Local..

Phoenix Energy
What Should Building Owners Know About Local Laws 84 and 87?

If you are a building owner, you probably wondered how you should deal with..

Phoenix Energy
Solar Energy Facts And Myths

Renewable energy myths are getting more common every day as these..

Phoenix Energy
All You Need To Know About Local Law 84

Since New York is one of the most energy consuming cities in the US, it is..

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