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How you can minimize your carbon-foot print and be a more responsible traveler


As someone who is concerned about the planet and takes environmental protection seriously, you know that when you travel, you often have to do things that leave an enormous carbon footprint in your wake. Is this troubling you so much and you have curtailed your travel plans? Well, this may be a rather drastic approach to take. After all, protecting your planet and making sure it remains green and clean should not necessitate giving up things that you like or have to do. Instead, why not switch focus to the many ways in which you can travel and yet leave minimal impact on the plant?   In fact, by doing so you can become an example to millions of other travelers too and collectively, you can make a massive different to the planet. So here are some things you should keep in mind to ensure that your trip does not cost Mother Earth a fortune.

Travel light

Yes, that does have a positive impact on the carbon emissions of aircraft and also helps ensure that you don’t end up paying a lot of cash towards extra baggage. That’s a win- win situation that you should surely adopt when you are traveling next. Keep in mind that the heavier the aircraft the more fuel it burns. You are doing your bit to keep the aircraft light by reducing what you are bringing along. Encourage people traveling with you to do the same and you have a more enjoyable trip too because you are not lugging around heavy baggage wherever you need to go.

A simple way to keep your baggage light is to bring fewer clothes, picking out those that are reusable. Bring along accessories and cosmetics in small, travel sized packs instead of regular sizes. Avoid carrying books and papers and instead carry them in digital format so that you can use them and share them easily the way they are or print them out at your destination if it is absolutely necessary to have a hard copy. Remember by avoiding printing documents and opting for digital format instead, you are making another significant move towards a green planet.  


Carry reusable bottles and bags

This one is especially useful if you are traveling with family and are on a vacation where you will be needing to replenish your food and drink stores quite frequently. Instead of buying disposable bottle and packages of food everywhere, why not use your own bottle and fill it up whenever you run out of water or beverages. This way you avoid increasing the non- biodegradable waste that ends up in the world’s landfills and you also know that the bottle is clean and hygienic and safe to use even for infants. In many places across the globe, especially resorts where the natural beauty is the primary tourist attraction, you may find that plastic is banned or at least discouraged heavily. Carrying your own cloth bags or back packs makes sure that you have no trouble carrying whatever you purchase here. Plus, you also save money because you can simply fill up your bottles and carry it wherever you go instead of buying water on the go.


Stay at eco-friendly hotels

When you are traveling, you need to stay at different places. Whether it is a hotel or resort or a small unit, you wield the power to choose the best place of stay that will have the least impact on the environment. Remember that by choosing such places on a regular basis you are encouraging them and also encouraging others to follow suit and adopt eco- friendly systems and processes to draw more customers. Make it a point to verify if the resort or hotel advertises sustainable practices or eco- friendly, green features in its rooms and its systems.


Support local green initiatives

Maybe you want to buy your gifts from a local organization that promotes eco- friendly products or you want to buy your food from a vendor who use green practices. No matter what you are doing during your trip, you can make a difference by supporting green initiatives wherever you can. Make sure to avoid doing things or encouraging activities that impact the environment at the place you are visiting.


Do your sight- seeing by walk or by cycle

If sight- seeing is part of your plan during your trip, why not consider doing it by walk? You get to spend more time with your buddies or your family, it’s great for your health and you can enjoy the journey to the spot as well as the spot itself. Of course, it’s the most eco- friendly form of transport you can choose. If that’s not feasible, a good way to keep your commitment to green Earth safe is to use a bicycle to take you places. Again, it is healthy and it faster than walking and its perfectly eco- friendly. For the really long off places that you cannot go to by yourself even on bicycle, just use public transport instead of taking a cab or renting out a car. You get a feel for the locals, enjoy the ambience of the place and its culture on board a bus with the people who belong there and you get to your destination with minimum impact on the Earth.


Avoid using environment- unfriendly creams and aerosols

Typically, this might include insect sprays or bug sprays to ward off the little critters in the location where you may be travelling. Avoid using aerosols that harm the ozone layer and switch to organic or natural products that keep you safe and also the Earth. Keep in mind that natural or organic products are also often far more skin friendly than chemical based ones so you are doing yourself a big favor here. Take your own insect/ bug lotions and creams so that you don’t need to go looking for nature friendly ones at your destination. You would much rather spend your time getting the business at hand done or looking around the place, wouldn’t you?

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