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Leaders in Corporate Sustainability


When it comes to sustainability, we can each do our part and see the impact in reducing our carbon footprint. Starting at a personal level is vital to our society adopting smart habits and a greener lifestyle, but when we think of the majority of our population’s impact on global warming, it would be irresponsible not to include corporations that not only contribute to global warming at a much larger scale than individuals, but also guide our behaviours, produce our next purchase, and influence how our society responds to sustainability.

Many corporations now publish a sustainability report with their goals, benchmarks, and challenges of corporate sustainability. There are thousands of excellent companies out there that demonstrate effort and success in becoming globally responsible, 4 of which stuck out to us here at Phoenix:

1. Unilever


In Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America, Unilever has hired the highest number of corporate sustainability experts at their locations (GlobeScan). 
Unilever has a deliberate plan that affects not only its employees and its manufacturing, but also its customers, By focusing on changing their product, their behavior, and their facility, Unilever has a simple goals of "making sustainable living commonplace”. 

2. Patagonia

For a company that is in most of our homes in one way or another, Unilever is number one on our list among many others. They even measured number one on the DOW Jones Sustainability Index for their group. Patagonia is a company that was built in an industry that already cared about sustainability which makes it easy to call them number two on our list. 

Built by surfers and climbers, Patagonia began its sustainability mission upon commencement and has scaled with its growth throughout the many years it has been in business. From repurposing textiles, to sustainable sourcing 

3. Tesla

Being a leader in renewable energy, Tesla naturally makes our list. With gigafactory producing a full gigawatt of solar energy in the works, and Tesla’s consistent innovation with regards to electric cars at an affordable price, Elon Musk has been an influencer for the world to see the rate at which renewables can and should grow. With this name associated with vision and innovation, Tesla is not just a fad in the sustainability industry. Their mission and backing are what makes Tesla a world leader on our list.and responsible manufacturing, Patagonia has many initiatives that try to mitigate risk and harm at each stage in their supply chain. Plus their clothing is great to wear while you’re enjoying the outdoors that Patagonia makes such an effort to protect!

4. 3M

This company has a surprising amount of influence in the sustainability of other companies because their products are what other companies use to be sustainable. Being a company that produces energy efficiency products to other corporations, is of course a leader in corporate sustainability at the most basic level. The company has a long list of goals to reduce their impact by 2025, but are making leaps yearly to reduce their footprint. 3M consistently specifies how they can hit their goals and increased their energy efficiency by 25% between 2005 and 2015. They are attacking their corporations’ waste with very specific management goals and are sourcing their materials and even their paper responsibly to attain their goals.

While the focus on corporate sustainability is growing, there is competition to be the most energy efficient and have the smallest carbon footprint. We have seen corporations take this responsibility very seriously not only because of social pressure, but because they know it is better for the life of the planet, saves them money, and improves their reputation. We are proud to support these and many other corporations that value our planet and its health as much as they value their fiscal goals.

To see a list of more companies that meet high standards for sustainability, look here.

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