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Phoenix Energy
5 Ways You Can Help New York Tackle Climate Change

The planet earth has gone through many climate changes from ice ages to..

Phoenix Energy
15 Energy Saving Tips For Winter

Winter is coming and your electricity bills will rise. Finding the best..

Phoenix Energy
How to Find the Cheapest/Best Energy Supplier in New York

What Is An Energy Supplier Company?

The purpose of an ESCO is to purchase..

Phoenix Energy
Energy Efficiency: How to Comply With Local Law 87

New York is a city with over 8 million people living within thousands of..

Phoenix Energy
Top 5 Important Facts About Wind Energy

Wind energy has become one of the most important and remarkable..

Phoenix Energy
Powerful  Ways Renewable Energy Helps Solve Climate Change

The Earth’s Blanket

The Earth's climate has fluctuated over the last 2.5..

Phoenix Energy
Renewable Energy Myths: What Not to Believe in

The international support to renewable energy sources has increased..

Phoenix Energy
Wind Turbines VS Solar Panels: Which is Better?

Renewable energy is energy that’s collected from renewable resources that..

Phoenix Energy
5 Important Energy Saving Tips for Your Business

All businesses have a lot of challenges to overcome in their journey to..

Phoenix Energy
Renewable Energy in New York or How to Save in a Big City

Environmental degradation is becoming a major global problem. As..

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