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Smart Waste Management Technologies


The area of waste recycling, chemical treatment and other forms of solid and organic waste management has seen rapid technological progress. The growing civilization of mankind has only increased its waste generation and the growing concern over the environmental impacts caused by the various chemicals and effluents have led to the development of smarter waste management technologies. There are automated systems available that provide live data regarding waste composition and fill-levels.

While there are large-scale technologies in place such as various conversion methods of organic wastes into fuel gas and solid wastes into fuel pellets, there is still a growing concern of waste management and waste segregation, especially in growing cities. Implementing smarter waste collection, waste segregation, and disposal solutions can lead to more environmentally friendly cities. Some of the popular and emerging smart waste management solutions are mentioned below.

Ultrasonic detectors

Trash cans equipped with ultrasonic detectors are becoming popular as they allow trash collectors to automatically record the levels of trash in cans and can automatically alarm waste disposal teams when the cans are full. Such trash cans can also transmit data about the regular trash generation in each area and help cities manage their functions better. This data can help governments and municipalities to employ better trash management techniques and identify critical areas of effluents.

Solar powered- trash collectors

These automated solar-powered trash collectors have become very popular in North America, Europe and the Middle-East. These solar-powered bins automatically compress the trash and processes into compact manageable packets. These automated dustbins can store up to eight times more trash than regular non-compacting ones. They also come equipped with ultrasonic sensors which help waste management companies improve their productivity by 50%. Other features offered by these technologies are route optimization, constant monitoring of containers, data analytics and forecasting of fill-levels of all the trash cans connected to the network.


Waste tracking technology

 There are various software platforms that show urban waste management executives live data regarding the composition and trash levels of properly equipped dustbins across a region. Such software platforms can also track the various waste products that are in transit with the various collection teams and can help in better coordination.

Electronics recycling booths

This is a new kind of technology that is marketing itself as an electronic recycling ATM service that instantly pays its users for recycling old and broken electronic items. This technology has already helped in recycling over 14 million smartphones.

Automated trash segregation technology

Their smart waste containers available that can sort out the trash into various categories such as organic, and recyclable all by itself. Combining, sensors, small cameras and an AI backed operating protocol, these dustbins can easily identify if the waste deposited is paper, plastic, glass or organic.

Such advanced waste management technologies can definitely be implemented beginning from small scales. Ideal locations for initial implementation of such technologies are premises of industries, factory floors and corporate offices where there is readily available infrastructure and a requirement of smart waste management methods.

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