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Top 7 Things You Didn't Know About Wind Energy


While wind energy generation and wind farms have been around for quite some time now, not a lot of people are aware of this technology or know where it comes from. Wind energy has been around for far longer than most people know. Mentioned below are some interesting facts about wind power generation that most people are not aware of.

  • Wind energy is ancient- There numerous accounts of various ancient human civilizations harnessing the energy from winds for a variety of purposes. There are records of civilizations using wind power for crushing grains, moving door mechanisms, pumping water, churning and other simple applications.
  • Wind energy is more environmental friendly than we know- With some of the other renewable sources of energy such as solar, there are environmental issues with the construction of the components. This factor is not a concern with wind energy generation. Wind energy has the potential to reduce the number of greenhouse gases by more than 12 gigatonnes. Further, it can save 260 billion gallons of water by 2050.
  • Wind energy is actually cost-effective- A cleaner form of energy is obviously going to be cheaper in the longer run. Wind is not only friendly for the environment but also is a cost-effective energy solution. A lot of manufacturing industries are migrating towards renewable sources of energy like the wind for powering their factories.
  • The altitude of wind turbines determines the energy output- Wind-speeds increase significantly with altitude due to a reduction in the number of obstacles and upwind hurdles. Naturally, higher the altitude of the wind turbine higher is the energy generation through fast blowing winds.
  • Turbines are more complicated than they appear- Wind turbines are designed in a fashion to optimize the energy generation throughout the course of the year as the wind conditions change. They are far more complicated than they appear. Typical wind turbines have more than 8000 individual components.
  • Wind energy sectors create a lot of jobs- As mentioned above wind turbines are complicated pieces of machinery with over 8000 parts. All of these parts are manufactured and assembled. This, in turn, creates jobs for the people. Additional employment is created in the form of wind farm supervisors and grid engineers. In the United States, the wind energy sector provides over 88,000 people with jobs. This number is only going to grow over the course of time.
  • Offshore wind technology is catching-up- One of the main drawbacks of wind energy generation is its dependence on geographical location and continuous availability of wind supply. These conditions are not available anywhere and put restrictions on the energy generating capacities. Thankfully, off-shore locations which are close to coastal areas experience a continuous abundance of strong winds throughout the course of the year. Offshore winds technology has rapidly developed over the course of years to tap into this availability of wind. Going forward, the offshore wind energy sector is likely to witness a strong growth.

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