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Phoenix Energy
Solar Energy Facts And Myths

Renewable energy myths are getting more common every day as these..

Phoenix Energy
Powerful  Ways Renewable Energy Helps Solve Climate Change

The Earth’s Blanket

The Earth's climate has fluctuated over the last 2.5..

Shelby Veazey
New York Is Leading The Hydropower Change

The largest producer of hydroelectric power east of the Rocky Mountains is..

Shelby Veazey
Nuclear Energy: A Zero Emission Form Of Energy

Nuclear power plants are one of the most popular forms of energy generation..

Won Young Kim
Red Hook Island: The Future of Coastline Cities

Red Hook, Brooklyn is situated on the southwest corner of Brooklyn and has..

Shelby Veazey
Top 7 Things You Didn't Know About Wind Energy

While wind energy generation and wind farms have been around for quite some..

Shelby Veazey
An Overview of Wind Farms

Wind farms are typically composed of a collection of wind-turbines which are..

Shelby Veazey
What is Grid Independence? Role of Microgrids

One of the prime objectives of any industry is to reduce costs on..

Shelby Veazey
How to Effectively Manage a Microgrid

The main concern with managing the operations of a microgrid is its..

Won Young Kim
NYC: Multifaceted Green Transportation Steps

Much of America’s ecological damage can be traced towards our transportation..

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