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What are Occupancy Sensors, and do They Reduce My Electricity Usage?


Have you ever walked into a room, and without flipping a switch, the lights somehow turned on? Was that a magic trick?

What you actually encountered was a motion activated light switch, or occupancy sensor, a brilliant invention for those who forget to turn out lights when they leave a room. Occupancy sensors replace a typical on/off light switch with a motion sensor. The sensor automatically turns on a light when people are inside a room and will turn the light off when there is no motion detected after a certain length of time.

How great would it be to never need to think about turning on and off lights? Life-changing, right?

As a business owner in NYC, you are probably looking to cut costs in as many ways as possible. Occupancy sensors can help you reduce your electricity usage by making sure the lights are not on unnecessarily.  Keep in mind, having an occupancy sensor in a heavy-traffic area may not be ideal. The sensors, however, are perfect for bathrooms, offices, storage areas, and basements, where lights are constantly left on in unoccupied rooms.

Are they effective?

Will they have an impact in reducing electricity usage?

Per a study conducted by the EPA titled “Demand Reduction and Energy Savings Using Occupancy Sensors,” occupancy sensors can reduce energy waste by as much as 68% and increase energy savings by as much as 60%. These savings were calculated from using a 5-minute timer in a bathroom. Keep in mind that result will vary from business to business and depend on industry, size, hours of operation, and time delay length. Installing an occupancy sensor in your business is a fantastic way to start becoming more energy efficient. Reducing energy waste is a smart way to save on utility costs.

What are occupancy sensors, and do they reduce my electricity usage?

How do you get occupancy sensors installed in your NYC business?

Your Phoenix Energy Consultant is here to help. We know you are busy running a business, so we’ll take care of all the work for you. Let us know how many occupancy sensors you want, and where you want them. We’ll get in touch with our vetted market partners and kindly ask them to come survey the site to make sure the sensors can be installed. Once everything is cleared, all you need to do is be there on installation day to open the door. Occupancy sensors have a low upfront cost, and fortunately Con Edison offers incentives for installing these.

For more information, or to get an occupancy sensor installed in your business, reach out to your Phoenix energy consultant or email info@phoenixenergygroup.com

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