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What is ENERGY STAR and how can it help me save money?


As a business owner in New York City, you are constantly facing decisions that will affect your business. Making informed decisions are important, but often times you may be too busy to thoroughly think through decision, especially time sensitive ones. For example, as a restaurant owner, your commercial oven may break, and its time to get a new one. The restaurant needs to keep running, or else you may lose money, but you need to get a new oven quickly! It is times like this, an emergency situation, when you may need to rely on labels and certifications to help you make your educated decisions.

When purchasing new equipment, one of the best labels to look out for is the blue ENERGY STAR sticker. We’ve all seen this blue sticker on appliances, our washing machines, ovens, lights, but do we all know what it really means? What’s this sticker all about?


 ENERGY STAR is a stamp of approval given to equipment that is energy efficient and better for the environment. ENERGY STAR is a U.S. EPA voluntary program created to help people and businesses alike save money, choose energy efficient equipment, and help protect our planet. This program was created in 1992 with the intention of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through choosing and promoting more energy efficient products. In 2012, ENERGY STAR helped businesses, organizations, and consumers save $24 billion, in one year, by delivering energy and cost savings. Even more impressive, ENERGY STAR has helped save over $362 billion on utility bills, and helped reduce over 2.4 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

The little blue label seen on equipment means that the product, equipment, or building is doing its part to save the planet. If you need to go shopping for last minute equipment, you can trust that ENERGY STAR will be a great choice for your business. Again, by choosing energy efficient equipment, you will use less electricity and therefore save on your utility costs. Don’t worry; you will not be sacrificing the quality of equipment for the blue label. The ENERGY STAR certification does not mean losing features and functionality.

If your business is in New York City or Westchester, Con Edison often offers incentives to people who choose ENERGY STAR equipment. For example, last year they paid a $30 rebate to customers who chose to purchase an ENERGY STAR air conditioning, because replacing an old air conditioner with an ENERGY STAR unit can reduce usage by 30 percent. They have residential and commercial incentives, so make sure to check their website so see which rebates apply to you.

As a busy business owner, the obvious choice for purchasing new equipment for your business is ENERGY STAR. Save money, help save the planet, and save time by looking out for that little blue sticker.



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