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What is New York's Local Law 92? #BeCoolSaveFuel


It's likely that you've seen the signs on retail stores throughout New York City that say “Shut the Front Door” and “Be Cool Save Fuel”. These are part of the New York City’s local law 92 that was established in 2015. The purpose of this local law is to prevent retail locations from having their door open if their air conditioning is on.

Shutthefrontdoor-BeCoolSaveFuel- local law 92

This law applies to both windows and doors for any location regardless of size. Chain stores, or stores with five or more locations in New York city, are obligated to post signs about the program with a 311 number on it to report any violations of the law.This law was put into effect because so many businesses were keeping their doors open and AC units on. This wastes tons of energy, increases electricity costs, and if enough people are doing it can even have an affect on a brownout and blackout for the whole city of New York. Leaving the door open while the AC is blasting is a careless and unnecessary way to contribute to climate change. Closing your doors or windows can have a big impact on your business and the world. If one business closed its doors in the summertime it can prevent the release of more than 2.5 tons of CO2, savings 5 barrels of oil and up to $1,000 on electric bills. This impact would exponentially help the state and the world if all the businesses in the country applied to this.
Along with the negative environmental and financial consequences for leaving your door open there are also consequences within New York State. A person that violates the law shall receive a written warning for their first violation. If a second violation is committed within an eighteen month period the business is liable for a penalty of $250 per door or window in violation. If a third or subsequent violation is committed within an eighteen month period the business is liable for $500 per door or window in violation.There are other things you could do in the summer to comply with local law 92 such as running fans inside and leaving the doors open or having fans that spray mist outside to cool down patrons.If you are a business owner or even a home owner please do your part and Shut the Front Door when the AC is on!

If you have any questions on Local Law 92 or ways to become more energy efficient, reach out to a Phoenix Energy Guru at info@phoenixenergygroup.com 

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