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What is New York's REV?


The Reforming the Energy Vision, or REV, is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s strategy for energy moving forward in New York State.

Governor Cuomo laid out 10 (somewhat ambitious) goals for the state that he wants to have accomplished:

1. Make energy more affordable for New Yorkers

2. Support the growth of clean energy innovation

3. Cut greenhouse gas emissions  80% by 2050

4. Empower New Yorkers to make more informed energy choices

5. Improve New York’s existing energy infrastructure

6. Create new jobs and new business opportunities

7. Protect New York’s natural resources

8. Build a more resilient energy system

9. Support cleaner transportation

10. Grow New York’s energy efficiency


reforming the energy vision New York REV

To achieve these 10 goals, Governor Cuomo's REV plan lays out seven initiatives:

1. Renewable Energy Cuomo wants to have 50% of New York’s energy come from renewable sources by 2030. This part of the initiative pushes for making rooftop solar, solar farms, and wind farms a more cost effective and reliable option than the standard natural resource based energy generation methods.
What has been done? NY-Sun is New York’s solar development arm, their goal is to add 3 gigawatts of solar to the state by 2023 (equivalent to 400,000 homes being powered by solar). Under the REV’s K-Solar plan the state is offering schools within the state a no cost and no obligation plan to install solar at their K-12 institution. There are many other state run incentive programs to ensure that the state achieves its goals, to see more visit NY-Sun

2. Buildings & Energy EfficiencyIn New York, 60% of the energy consumed is by buildings. If the state wants 50% of the energy to come from renewable resources, then to make the system reliable all energy users must be operating as efficiently as possible so that there are no issues. With that being said, there are numerous incentives through the program to ensure that all homes, buildings, and businesses can run more efficiently. Energy efficiency is an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.What has been done? The BuildSmart program applies to all state owned buildings and a has a goal of 20% energy efficiency improvement through Executive Order 88. There is also $2.5 million pool available to businesses who choose to install a combined heating and cooling system. These systems recover the heat generated for warming and uses it as energy. NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) announced last may that they will be spending $27 million to upgrade Multifamily Affordable Housing Units. The initiative makes these units more efficient savings money for residents over the 15 year life of the upgrades.

3. Clean Energy Financing. It is going to cost an enormous amount of money to reach our 10 goals for New York State. The governor believes that the burden should not fall only to ratepayers and taxpayers, therefore the success of the REV relies on private capital funding of some initiatives and projects. Upgrading the whole energy infrastructure of the state does take money, so capital is needed in order to reach our goals.
What has been done? The  Clean Energy fund was created with $5 Billion dollars of state money, this investment will lead to private capital investments 5x the initial fund value. The fund has four major portfolios NY-Sun, NY Green Bank, Market Development, and Innovation and Research. With these four portfolios the expected savings for customers is projected at over $35 Billion over the next ten years.

4. Sustainable & Resilient Communities. The state of New York is made up of thousands of local municipalities and in order to update the entire system each individual local government must buy into the idea of developing a more sustainable and improved electricity system. The state will provide them with all of the tools that they need to guide them towards clean energy solutions to meet the state's needs.What has been done? The REV Campus Challenge is a program in which the state will help any 2-year or 4-year institution financially in their quest to promote clean energy projects and improvements throughout their campus. The idea is that if every campus in the state starts using clean energy it will help the entire state take a giant leap towards its goal.

5. Energy Infrastructure Modernization. The first central power plant in the United States was in Manhattan, that was in 1882. New York has been on the forefront of energy but unfortunately now over half of the state's power generation infrastructure was installed 35 years ago. Modernization of the system is needed to ensure that the system is reliable and can serve the needs of the citizens. The system also needs to be up to date to be able to incorporate clean energy.What has been done? The  New York Energy Highway was developed in 2012 and is tasked with ensuring the reliability of power to all of the state's homes and businesses. This initiative has allowed for and will continue to spark job creation while also making the state a safer place to when the whole grid is state of the art.

6. Innovation and R&D. The goal is to bring the best solutions into the foreground and implementing them system wide. We will be supporting innovation and R&D to help us create more clean tech jobs and become a worldwide leader in energy and technology.What has been done? New York Battery and Energy storage technology consortium (NY-Best) was created to make new york a leader in battery storage technology. The organization has funding options and the latest information on one of the newly developing technologies in the energy field.

7. Transportation. Millions of people that commute into Manhattan and around the state of New York which has led transportation to account for over 20% of the State’s greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve our goal of 80% greenhouse gas emissions reduction, a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system is crucial. The goal is to have more electric vehicles, better systems, and more efficient public transportation.

clean energy electric car PEV REV
What has been done?  ChargeNY is a program tasked with getting more electric vehicles on the road in the state of New York. The program helps to install electric charging stations throughout the state with the goal of having over 3,000 stations. To incentive more electric vehicle purchases in the state there are proposals to give electric vehicles access to HOV lanes or even reduced tolls on the roads.
To learn more about how you can do your part to support Governor Cuomo and his quest to Reform the Energy Vision in New York contact a Phoenix rep today!


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