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Where Does Our Energy Actually Come From?


At Phoenix, we talk a lot about power. If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that we’re an energy supplier – meaning we buy energy on behalf of our clients – but we do not generate electricity. In fact, no energy company or ESCo in New York does – not even Con Ed. So, where does electricity actually come from? Well, there are six main forms of generating electricity in use in New York. Let’s take a look at the major generation facilities in our state.


At Phoenix, we choose 100% wind energy. In reality, though, only 3% of New York energy generation comes from wind farms. The biggest wind farm in the state is Maple Ridge Wind Farm in Lewis County, near Lake Ontario – the region is a huge maple syrup production center, hence Maple Ridge’s name. With 195 wind turbines, it’s by far the largest facility that New York boasts.
In total, New York has the 11th highest wind power production of any state in the United States.


Nuclear energy has always been a hot topic, but particularly in the past few months in New York, as Governor Cuomo recently announced that in the next few years, Indian Point Energy Center is scheduled to close. Indian Point is currently the largest source of nuclear power in New York, but due to its proximity to New York City, environmental groups afraid of its potential danger pushed to close it down. Despite its uncertain future, nuclear power is the second-largest source of energy in New York, currently supplying 31% of the total power.

 Natural Gas

Natural gas-fired plants contribute to our state’s energy more than any other source, coming in at 44%. There are lots of natural gas fired plants, but the biggest is actually right here at home in New York City – Ravenswood Generating Station is in Long Island City, Queens.


This one may come as a surprise – hydroelectric power makes up a fairly significant 19% of our energy generation. The vast majority of this comes from Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station, right near Niagara Falls. The station actually opened way back in 1961, which was an impressive feat at a time when renewable energy didn’t have nearly as much momentum as it does today. Generally speaking, hydroelectric power plants use dams to help them actually generate the energy.  



Ah, coal-infamous coal. While you may think that coal makes up a huge portion of our energy generation, we can proudly say that in New York, it’s actually just 1%. One of the biggest facilities is Kintigh Generating Station, on the southwestern side of Lake Ontario.


 Solar also makes up just a tiny portion of our energy – not even 1%. The biggest solar farm is on Long Island, and is actually the biggest solar farm in the eastern United States. Solar has as big name in the country, but most of that comes from its prevalence in the western states.

And there you have it! Now you know where our state’s energy comes from. More questions? 

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