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Why Choose Phoenix as Your Small Business Energy Supplier?


The energy market is now full of retail electricity suppliers. In order to make a correct decision for your business energy supply, you need to understand what is the value that a specific business energy supplier will bring to your small business. Phoenix Energy Group is one of the energy suppliers in New York City that offers green energy, meaning that Phoenix’ energy supply comes from 100% renewable sources, such as sun or wind. In this post, we will reveal the benefits that Phoenix Energy Group will offer your business and why your business should consider choosing a renewable energy supplier in general.

Why Businesses Should Go Green?

A lot of businesses are going green and there’s an important reason for this. Although going green might seem a trend, it’s a trend that carries a bunch of benefits to your business and to the planet. Big companies continue to adopt renewable energy sources for their electricity supply. There’s less buzz around companies going green today compared to several years ago; however, not because it’s not as important as it used to be, but because it has become a necessity rather than a luxury. In big cities like New York, there are a lot of business energy suppliers like Phoenix, and all of them help companies switch to renewable energy and get even more benefits for that.

Here are the main benefits renewable energy will offer your small business:

Lower Energy Bills

If you review how much money you spend on utility costs yearly, you’ll be amazed at how much money you spend on the electricity bills only. Solar panels and wind turbines can help you save on utility bills in the long-run. Energy from sun or wind is not competitive, as renewable resources are unlimited. So investing in renewable energy sources can be an economically intelligent purchase for your business, as your bill costs will stay low for many years.

Less CO2 Emissions

The most important result of going green is that your company will impact the environment and the planet, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Coal and fossil fuel consumptions are the biggest contributors to global warming and the degraders of the environment. If you switch to renewable energy sources, you will minimize your carbon footprint on the planet, thus creating a healthier environment. What we need to understand is that by benefiting the environment we firstly benefit us, because the environment has the biggest impact on our health and life in general.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is an important part in the process of establishing your business image and perception. Customers give a lot of importance to how the business positions itself in regards to improving the world. That’s why it’s simply ineffective to disregard the CSR. In the age of the Internet, customers can easily learn how your business impacts the world, both negatively and positively. Adopting renewable energy will help your business’ reputation and create a trustworthy image in the eyes of the customers.

Business Energy Suppliers and What They Do

Business Energy Suppliers and What They Do

The energy deregulation in 31 states has given Americans a choice when it comes to energy. Before, the energy market was a pure monopoly and there was only one big company that supplied energy. In New York, the energy market was deregulated back in 1998. Before that, the market was regulated by a big company called Consolidated Edison (Con Ed). Nowadays, due to the energy market deregulation, Energy Supply Companies (ESCos) can enter the market and handle the energy supply. You can choose a company that will supply your business with energy. The ESCo you choose will purchase energy on the commodity market on your behalf and then pass the energy to Con Ed. The latter will flow it through the pipes and wires and deliver the energy to your office. Con Ed is responsible for energy delivery because it’s the only company that has the infrastructure for that.

It’s important to note that not all retail energy suppliers work in the same manner. Because of the competition, any retail electricity supplier should find a way to differentiate the company from the rest. Phoenix Energy Group is one of the business electricity suppliers that offers renewable energy to your home and office. By choosing Phoenix as your retail electricity supplier, you will promote the sustainable future of New York. If you wonder how a retail electricity supplier makes a profit, the answer is simple: smaller companies don’t pay the same overhead cost as Con Ed does. ESCos have no buildings, trucks or other equipment that requires a lot of expenses. For example, at Phoenix Energy Group, there are under 20 employees working which means that the overhead cost is very little. That’s how some ESCos can offer you a lower after-market rate but still make a profit.

Phoenix: Your Trusted Retail Energy Supplier

Choose Phoenix Energy Group as your business energy supplier to promote your business, get incentives and support New York City sustainability. Here are all the incentives you will get by working with Phoenix:

Phoenix will Provide You with A Recommendation Plan

At Phoenix, we start with an in-person meeting to learn more about your company and get a full understanding of all your energy needs. We provide a solution by ongoing account management, which will help you make more informed decisions and manage energy efficiency projects. We conduct annual savings assessment reviews and guide you in terms of future plannings. Also, Phoenix Energy Group has no cancellation fees. So it offers flexibility to sign up for a market cap rate plan even if you’re not sure if you’ll work with Phoenix for the entire contract term.

We’ll Help You with Energy Management

Along with planning, we will also help you with your energy management. We assess the competitiveness of rate terms, provide a 24-month review of your energy costs for billing accuracy, and analyze the patterns of your energy consumption. We provide solutions for energy savings by:

  • Identifying energy efficiency opportunities.

  • Finding billing errors.

  • Reducing peak demand.

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Phoenix Works in Compliance with NYC Energy Laws

Phoenix Energy works in compliance with all the NYC Energy Laws, more specifically, with Local Law 84 and Local Law 87. For buildings with 25,000 square feet and above, Phoenix Group conducts Local Law 84 benchmarking for free and assists you in the completion of Local Law 87 audits. Energy efficiency projects for small businesses and buildings can be subsidized more than 50% of their cost.

Get 100% Renewable Energy and Create Your Own Impact on the World

By choosing Phoenix as your business energy supplier, you’ll get a 100% renewable energy from the sun and the wind. We aim to have our input in helping New York meet the 50% renewable energy target by 2030. By adopting renewable energy with the help of Phoenix Energy Group, your company will go green and have an impact on the world. For every kWh consumed with Phoenix as your supplier, you are diverting 1.6 pounds of carbon. For the average commercial customer, this is more than 200,000 lbs per year!

Become A Happy and Satisfied Customer

Phoenix Energy Group has happiest customers! Our clients always report high-quality service, as well as knowledgeable and helpful local representatives. They also highly appreciate the consistent follow-ups that help to reduce energy costs.

Phoenix will Help Your Business Get Recognized for Being Green

Small businesses that adopt renewable energy will save money and become environmentalists. However, the benefits are not limited to these factors only. Phoenix Energy Group will help your business grow and get a bigger recognition. We help you achieve this target by:

  • Registering you with the EPA.

  • Putting up a Window Decal Providing Social Media Posts to increase and engage followers.

Our Green Energy Gurus help you:

  • Identify ways to improve your sustainability.

  • Create marketing material for your location.

  • Create partnerships to broadcast your sustainability efforts.

  • Create Press Releases and strategies for your social media outlets.

With Phoenix Energy Group, making a sustainable energy choice will take you only a couple of minutes. Sign up now and we'll send you competitive rates and options for renewable energy supply, and help you choose the options that work best for your small business.

Phoenix will Help Your Business Get Recognized for Being Green


Plan Your Business Energy Costs with Phoenix

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