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Choosing where your energy comes from makes a difference.We make switching to a clean, affordable, renewable energy supply easy.

Understand Energy Choice

A Better Way to Power Your Home

Your home uses energy and the cost of energy impacts your standard of living today while the emissions will impact our standard of living in the future.

Our solution gives you control of your energy costs while improving the standard of living for future generations by increasing the amount of energy coming from zero emission wind energy.

Make Energy Supply a Choice

Electricity is generated at over 350 different facilities throughout New York State.  This electricity is sold through energy markets. The utility company buys electricity as your supplier or you can choose Phoenix Energy to buy your electricity and get it to the utility grid.  The utility still handles final delivery within their grid so you get the same service and billing, we just take over the same supply portion that was already on your bill.

Not only do you get wind energy for your supply, we provide competitive electricity rates and use financial tools to limit high summer and winter months helping you save money.  We also keep you informed by sending you reports predicting future energy prices.

Increase Energy Efficiency at Home

Our Energy Specialists are here to help clients understand how their home uses energy and find solutions to reduce the amount of energy being used. We can help project by project or put together a annual plan to drive down energy costs.

Make a Change

It starts by enrolling today.  No sign up costs, no contract, you receive the same utility bill with our supply right on there and it only takes a minute to fill out the sign up sheet.