Choose the best energy supply option for your business in New York

A Better Way to Do Business

Our solutions starts with an in-person meeting to learn more about your business and understand what your energy needs are. We give ongoing account management to help you make informed decisions and implement solutions by managing energy efficiency projects as well as promote your business for being Green. Our annual assessment reviews savings and continues planning for the future.

Take Control of Energy Costs

We provide a 24-month review of your energy costs for billing accuracy, assess the competitiveness of rate terms and understand energy consumption patterns. Our energy plan includes solutions for energy savings through:
  • Competitive energy supply rates and protection against high seasonal months
  • Finding billing errors
  • Identifying energy efficiency opportunities
  • Reducing Peak Demand

Choose a Renewable Energy Supply

Electricity supply with 100% Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) from Wind Generation. This increases the amount of wind energy vs. other forms of energy generation. As your Energy Service Company, we take over the supply portion of your bill which includes Wind REC’s.

Get Recognized for Being Green

The energy needed to power your business is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City. By switching to a renewable energy supply, emission are reduced and you are helping New York get to the goal of 50% renewable by 2030. We help you promote this to the community by:
  • Registering you with the EPA
  • Putting up a Window Decal Providing Social Media Posts to increase and engage followers