About Us

Who We Are

At Phoenix Energy, we believe in enhancing the relationship between people and the planet. We simplify the process of switching to a renewable electricity supply while supporting energy efficiency improvements and broader sustainability targets.

Benefits of Renewable Energy Credits

A Greener Choice

Renewable Energy Credits are the global currency of the renewable energy market, and procuring RECs is one way to support a greener future. By enrolling in a green electricity plan, your organization earns the right to say you’re powered by green energy.

Support the Renewable Energy Market

Purchasing RECs supports large-scale renewable producers, encouraging renewable energy development and driving down the cost of clean energy for everyone.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In most locations in the US, grid electricity is produced mainly by burning fossil fuels. Because renewable sources produce minimal emissions, RECs are an effective way to shrink your carbon footprint.

No Installations Necessary

It’s simple: the way you use electricity doesn’t change, and you won’t need to install equipment or pay for upgrades to make the switch.

The Energy of the Future

While individual impacts can be very small, our collective impact is huge. One step at a time, we can create a future where human development and ecological processes are in harmony.

What Customers Are Saying


We have seen consistent follow-up and communication from Phoenix Energy. I regularly see and speak with my account rep on savings and updates on energy. They have also explored energy efficiency for us and helped us find ways to reduce our usage.

– Dennis, Chopt Creative Salad Company

Phoenix Energy has been working with Colonie for the past 2 years. During our time with them it has been gratifying to meet a company that is dedicated to focusing on the customer. Phoenix Energy is a company that has a customer-centric culture. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.

– Tamer Hamawi, Colonie

From the start, my account representative has been very thorough and touches base periodically to see if he can be of any help. We’ve sat down to review savings, discuss strategy moving forwards, and chat about various questions that I’ve had. Recently, Phoenix Energy piloted a web-based thermostat in one of our stores to help with energy efficiency, and we've seen beneficial results thus far.

– Tania Kalian, TMS The Meatball Shop

Make the Switch

Make the switch to renewable energy today! You have the power to choose a green alternative and reduce your environmental impact.