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Choosing a clean energy plan is a simple, affordable way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Fuel a cleaner future today by choosing one of our renewable energy plans.


For those looking to control costs and make a positive change by taking the first step towards renewable energy.
  • Your Choice: Adjust your Renewable Energy Percentage
  • Empower Savings: Energy Efficiency Audit
  • Advocate: Window Decal
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For those with a mission of sustainability and brand awareness. Be a leader in your space by choosing renewable energy.
  • Energy Leadership: 100% Renewable Energy Plans
  • Empower Savings: Energy Efficiency Audit
  • Promote: Decal + Social Media Paid Ads
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For those looking to be leaders in the renewable energy movement. Become a certified renewable energy user.
  • Energy Certification: Meet Sustainability Goals with Customizable Plans
  • Empower Savings: Energy Efficiency Audit
  • Leader: Decal + Ads + EPA Certification
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Make the Switch Today

Your Choice

We understand every business has unique needs, which is why we provide unique, customized solutions. Work with an energy consultant to select a plan that works for you.

Energy Leadership

Leadership is earned through actions, not a title or position. We hope to inspire business leaders to take action toward a sustainable future. Decarbonization is the ultimate goal, and Green Leaders set an example by using 100% renewable energy.

Empower Savings

Efficiency is the foundation of any sustainable energy plan, because reducing consumption is better for the planet and for your budget. Partner with us to explore energy efficiency improvements for your business.

Energy Certification

We work with businesses to achieve certification targets, including complementary enrollment in the EPA’s Green Power Partnership. Contact our team today to find out if your organization qualifies.

How It Works

When renewable electricity is fed into the grid, it becomes indistinguishable from electricity produced using conventional sources, including fossil fuels and nuclear power. In order to track the production of green electricity, one Renewable Energy Credit (REC) is produced for every 1 MWh of renewable electricity generated. Matching electricity consumption with RECs is a simple way to shrink your carbon footprint while directly supporting renewable power plants. It’s simple and effective – no extra bills, special equipment, or rewiring.

Become an EPA Green Power Partner

The Green Power Partnership (GPP), established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2001, is a program designed to assist organizations in the transition to renewable energy sources. The EPA encourages organizations to use green power voluntarily to protect human health and the environment. By joining the Green Power Partnership, organizations demonstrate a credible commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Make the Switch

Make the switch to renewable energy today! You have the power to choose a green alternative and reduce your environmental impact.