You Have The

Power To Save

Saving on energy costs goes beyond securing low rates. You need a supplier focused on sustainability. Green energy naturally replenishes itself on a daily basis. Our Green Energy Gurus help you support renewable energy and reduce energy usage. Save money, and save the planet.

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How We Make A Difference

Renewable Energy

We give you the choice to save money while protecting the environment. At Phoenix Energy Group, we buy local renewable energy credits and create demand for more renewable energy. Wind energy produces no CO2, and we help you promote this fact to your the community.

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Intelligent Energy

The right energy plan helps you save time and money. We ensure you reach your ROI by identifying how your energy is used,what solutions are best for you, and which incentives and rebates you qualify for. We also manage project logistics and review your results.

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Maximizing Energy

Reducing the amount of energy you consume pays off significantly. We can help you customize or implement smart thermostats, lighting retrofits, refrigeration covers, occupancy sensors and DC to AC motor conversions. We'll conduct a thorough energy audit when appropriate.

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Our Projects In Action

Our carbon reduction is the equivalent of planting

250,000 trees
every month.

Our customer have

reduced their energy usage by 5% to 10%.

We serve

1,115 customers in New York City.

“We have seen consistent follow-up and communication from Phoenix Energy. I regularly see and speak with my account rep on savings and updates on energy. They have also explored energy efficiency for us and helped us find ways to reduce our usage.”


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